Beercity Skateboards and Records 2017.
“Spread The Stoke” LP.

Title: Fastplants “Spread the Stoke”
Released: 07/14/17
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Label: Beercity Skateboards and Records
Track List:
01: Speed Shakes
02: Como Estas
03: Downhill Slide
04: Get Some
05: Keno Dime
06: Mongo
07: RB2U
08: Broke Off
09: Touch of Spock
10: Kooks
11: Spread the Stoke
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Fastplants/Daniel Waxoff split LP.

Title: Fastplants/Daniel Waxoff split. 
Released: 5/12/17
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Label: Beercity Skateboards and Records 16-1
Track List:
A1: Fastplants – Drugs
A2: Fastplants – Grosso
A3: Fastplants – Jizzy Don’t Skate
A4: Fastplants – Hatesong
A5: Fastplants – Longboarders
A6: Fastplants – Anti-Humanity
A7: Fastplants – FTS
B1:DWO – Beermageddon
B2: DWO – Hey You Guys
B3: DWO – I Wanna Be a Dagger
B4: DWO – Rogan Mosh
B5: DWO – WxWxBxTxAx
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Fastplants EP02.

Title: Fastplants EP02
Released: 2014
Format: CD/Digital
Label: Moriarty Records
Track List:
01: We’re Lose
02: Super Stoked
03: Kook
04: OMS

Fastplants EP01-2013

Title: Fastplants EP01
Released: 2013
Format: CD/Digital
Label: Moriarty Records
Track List:
01: Drugs
02: Grosso
03: Ballad of Bill Pepper
04: FTS